Authorization and Acknowledgment of Risk

I understand that my child’s participation in the MassPep STEM program is voluntary and may expose my child to some risks. I have read and understand the program brochure and authorize my child to participate in MassPep STEM Program.

I assume full responsibility for any risks of personal or property damages arising out of my child’s participation in the MassPep STEM Program, including any act of negligence or other wise from the moment my child is under MassPep supervision and for the duration of the MassPep STEM Program. I further agree to indemnify and to hold harmless MassPep and any of the individuals associated with MassPep from any claim or liability arising out of my child’s participation the MassPep STEM program.

I also understand that participation in the MasPep STEM Program may involve activities off of school property; therefore, neither MassPep nor its employees nor volunteers, will have any responsibility for the condition and use of non-school property.

I understand that MassPep is not responsible for my child’s supervision during such periods of time when my child may be absent from a MassPep supervised activity.

I agree that my child’s participation in the program may be at any time terminated by MassPep if my child’s fails to follow rules and regulations or for any reason MassPep may deem in the best interest of a student or group and that my child may be sent home at my own expense.

I certify that I am the parent or legal guardian of the applicant, that I have read and that I understand the above Agreement. I accept and will be bound by this agreement’s terms and conditions on my own and my child’s behalf.

I give permission for
to participate in the student MassPep summer STEM Program.